About Us

We are a 501C3 organization and rely 100% on donated funds to keep our events free or very low cost.
Between 2015-2017 the greater Hershey area was hit hard with four suicides from students in our main three school districts. We also noticed a drastic increase of students struggling with identity, anxiety and depression issues. Something needed to be done.

God moved in the hearts of a few church leaders, which led to inviting more churches to work together to reach the students in our community. This lead to the start of what is now UNITE Youth!

UNITE Youth exists to be a connectional ministry of churches in the greater Hershey area, committed to uniting youth by sharing the Love of Jesus and Hope of the Gospel.

Since it’s beginning, more churches are becoming aware of what UNITE Youth is and are choosing to get involved. The Hershey and Hummelstown Ministeriums are supporters of UNITE Youth and help spread the word about what we do.

UNITE Youth is open to anyone. Check out our calendar for events to participate in. You do not need to be part of a church or a youth group to participate. Please come and get connected to students where you live. We want you to get connected to relationships to help you understand the love of Jesus and Hope of the Gospel.
Leadership of UNITE Youth is by people from:
Derry Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church of Hershey
Fishburn United Methodist Church
Grace United Methodist Church
Hershey Free Church
Spring Creek Church of the Brethren
Trinity United Methodist Church of Hummelstown
Current Board Members:
Michelle Sheppard – Board Chair
Spring Creek Church of the Brethren

Craig Maart – Vice Chair
Hershey Free Church

Stephen Haverstick – Secretary
First United Methodist of Hershey

Jackie Lerch – Recording Treasurer

Sarah Ordille – Depositing Treasurer
Trinity United Methodist of Hummelstown

Other Members:
Christine Drexler
Yvonne Abela
UNITE Youth – Hershey
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